10 reasons why you NEED lentils in your life

At The Village Store we are MENTAL for LENTILS. They are certainly not a new superfood and have been around for centuries predominantly in Indian cuisine. They are very diverse in terms of how you can introduce them into your diet and come in a variety of colours: red, yellow, black, green. These little round nutrient-dense beauties are  associated with a range of health benefits as well as been a fabulous plant-based protein substitute for vegans and vegetarians.

The Village store lentils

Why are they so good for you:

  • ✅good source of "good" COMPLEX CARBOHYDRATES to keep you feeling full and energised for longer
  • ✅low in FAT
  • ✅extremely NUTRIENT-DENSE
  • ✅full of POLYPHENALS (active compounds that fight harmful agents in the body)
  • ✅high in PROTEIN (one cup of lentils contains 18g of protein) which is great news for vegans and vegetarians
  • ✅amazing source of IRON (one cup of lentils contains 6.6mg of iron about 1/3 of your daily required intake)
  • ✅packed full of FIBRE (one cup of lentils has 15.6g of fibre)
  • ✅Good source of FOLIC ACID which is important particularly for pregnant women
  • ✅High in MAGNESIUM (one cup of lentils has 71mg of magnesium)
  • ✅Good source of CALCIUM for your bones and bone health (one cup has 39 grams of calcium)

 Benefits of lentils

The Village Store has created a range of super easy to cook, one pot, one jar curries to get you started on the 'Lentil Love Train'. You can choose your curry type, there are many modifications to the recipe depending on your Lentil-in-a-Jar Flavour choice and to keep it versatile and you can buy them individually or on subscription with 3 Lentils-in-a-Jar delivered to your door once a month .

The Village Store Easy To Cook Lentils

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